Archives Talks : Ralph Dartey II

May 10, 2024

CEO, musician, and man of God, Ralph Dartey II is what we call in the christian jargon an ‘’anointed creative.’’ His desire to live through the Word and to embody the Spirit of creativity as seen in Exodus 31 makes him a vessel of wisdom and an inspiration to draw from. As CEO of Minstrel Records he’s sharing through his art how music has the power to be more than just a composition of notes, but truly a vessel of grace. Each artist in his label is not, then, merely a musician, but really a spiritual storyteller, weaving narratives of faith and devotion through their craft. And as the pastor of Bridge Youth in Ottawa, his vibrant energy and unwavering commitment, joined together with his great sense of style and joyful personality, creates an environment where young hearts are ignited with faith and wisdom. Known as THE engine in his family, his leadership style was fascinating to me. He is a mentor for some, a friend for others and surely a guiding force used by the Most High for His Kingdom in this generation.

PHILIA YATCHOU I’m so happy to chat with you today. It’s an honor really for us. Thank you for agreeing to this interview and sharing a part of you with us.

RALPH DARTEY II Of course. Well, let me start by thanking you so much for having me. I’m really grateful to be with you, Philia. Thank you for this amazing vision. I think that what you’re doing with Archives magazine is incredible. And it’s needed in the body of Christ right now.

PHILIA YATCHOU Thank you so much. As you may know, Archives is a magazine dedicated to the documenting of anointed creatives, we consider that it’s important to keep track of the people that work for God in the arts, so that people can be inspired to dip into the creative part of themselves and use it for the glory of God. Of course, we know that you’re a pastor, we know that you’re a musician, but we are here to discover you; Who is Ralph?

RALPH DARTEY II Well, as you said, my name is Ralph Dartey the second, and I’m a pastor at Bridge Youth in Ottawa, Canada, under Transforming Life Center. But I’m also a creative. I have a record label called Minstrel Records that Bridge Music is assigned to. We have some other really great gospel musicians, like Becca Folkes from London, and Ryan Ofei who’s also part of the family and serves with Campus Rush music. I am a firm believer that God has just blessed us with the ability to tap into his creative anointing, and I try to channel that creative anointing in so many ways, whether it’s through music, through preaching, through fashion. I also think that creativity is the heart of God, and everything that God has to do with starts from creativity. God’s allowed me to tap into that, and I’m just grateful to be here, and I’m excited to get into this entire interview.

PHILIA YATCHOU You gave us a whole preaching right there. Two seconds preaching. Thank you!

RALPH DARTEY II Amen, I’m just trying to say hi.